Service for renters


The Acco Real team supports you during the rental period. In case of any questions please contact us and we help you.

Cleansing Service

We cooperate with the cleansing company Kurt Meier carpet- and house cleaning which is for about 17 years known in Munich for best quality as much as for reliable and fast service. All carpet- and apartment cleaning will be calculated according to the extent of the work. In case you like to claim that service please get in contact with us. In accordance with the renter we can also carry daily cleaning. For the individual need we recommend you an adopted cleansing concept.

To illustrate what a final cleaning contains please find the important facts:

  • In the bathroom there should not be used aggressive detergents in order to avoid damages on the surface.
  • If there are stains on the carpet then you please contact us before using any detergent.
  • The same with the cleansing of upholstered furniture.
  • For parquet floors please take exclusive appropriate detergents.
  • In case you use blankets and bed linen please make sure that these get dry-cleaned before the handing over of the apartment.
Handing Over

Please arrange early enough an appointment for the handing over of the apartment. To ensure a quick disposal we like to ask you to hand over the apartment in the same state as you found it when moving in. If any works in the apartment are necessary contact us in advance and we will request appropriate service providers. Please allow extra time for possible works. We recommend to set a date with Acco Real about four weeks before you move out. If we have the authority we are pleased to assume the deregistration from your phone and energy provider.

Housing Costs

The housing costs are regularly indicated inclusive all extras.

If the costs for energy are not mentioned in the description you have to add these to the rental costs.

For a 1-room apartment you should calculate about 10-15,00 Euro and for a 2-room apartment an extra budget of 15-25,00 Euro should be allowed.

Please pay attention to furhter costs as garbage, water etc.

For your orientation please find below some examples of housing costs:

1 room apartments

Good comfort: 500,00 - 600,00 Euro

Very good comfort: 660,00 - 820,00 Euro

Exclusive comfort: 820,00 - 1.280,00 Euro

2 room apartments

Good comfort: 920,00 - 1.100,00 Euro

Very good comfort: 1.100,00 - 1.400,00 Euro

Exclusive comfort: 1.400,00 - 2.000,00 Euro

3 room apartments 

Good comfort: 1.280,00 - 1.500,00 Euro

Very good comfort: 1.500,00 - 2.300 Euro

Exclusive comfort: 2.300,00 - 3000,00 Euro


The contract is concluded between the renter and the owner. Acco Real forwards the contract to both parties for the assignment.

The contract agrees on a minimum rental period of two months. From six months on the renter should have as far as possible one month for the notice. Of course we help to find another renter in accordance with the renting and the owner party. Please get in touch with us right in advance.

For subletting you have to ask the permission of the owner. Does the contract not contain any statement the it is not allowed to sublet the apartment.


When we have been successful in helping you to find the right place we calculate in a second step a commission which is put up as following:

What about the commission?

We calculate for the commissions two warm rents. In case of a short term rent the commission contains only one monthly rent. Since the rental period is relatively short for furnished apartments (6 till 12 months) the commission has to be transfered directly to the account of the owner.

We recommend an extra account for the commission. After the handing over of the apartment the owner clears the account. The commission will be transfered within two weeks after the handing over to the account of the renter. If you have an account abroad then we need the SWIFTCODE and the IBAN number of your bank.

This way we guarantee flexibility in renting and the immediate recovery of the commission. If there has to be done some repair and corrections in the apartment it is possible that the recovery takes some time. But the latest after six months the commission will be refund.