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To find the best solution for your individual needs we like to ask you to indicate the necessary information as precise as possible.

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Angaben zum gesuchten Objekt

We send you matching offers via email or fax.
As private clients you can send us the application form via email or via fax. Companies have the option to apply with the help of our online registration form.

In order fo find the right place for you we need in advance some detailed indications from you. Please send us your complete contact details. The more detailed the information about the apartment you wish to rent the more fast we can help you fo find that place.
As soon as you applied you will receive from us matching offers via email, fax or by telephone.

We like to ask you to pay attention to our general terms and conditions which you please like to consider before applying.


We use your details only when it comes to a successful mediation of an apartment on request of the renter. We do not forward your data to third parties.