General conditions

  1. The applicant receives from Acco Real (contractor) in a written way or by phone offers of real estate objects which he doesn't know up to that point. Are there any objects which are known to the applicant then Acco Real has to be informed about this and up on request it has to be proved.
  2. The offers from Acco Real are to be treated confidential. In case of noncompliancec the applicant is accountable for the agency fee which would have been incurred.
  3. The obligations agreed in the contract concern the applicant and the renter. Acco Real is not accountable towards the two parties for any claims from the contract. 
  4. When agreeing on one of the announced objects in a contract then Acco Real has to be informed immediately but at latest within 24 hours.
  5. For the provision is the total monthly rent the basis of calculation as far as no other extra costs are indicated. The provision is set up in accordance to the offered rental period.
  6. When the tenancy ends earlier than agreed then the claim of the full provision is not touched by this. Only in case the owner does not comply with the duties agreed on then there exists the right of reimbursement of the provision when the tenancy ends earlier.
  7. For the rest the legal terms are valid.

The renter assumes accountability for possible damages in the apartment or the house. All sources of danger or damage for the estate as water, washing machine, dish washer, humidity in the apartment, open fire and candles should be necessarily avoided. Please take a lot of care with the estate.

For possible replacement of equipment the owner has the right to cover the costs with the commission. Are there any disagreements between the renter and the owner of the esetate then  please contact Acco Real and we intermediate.

We recommend you to conclude a household insurance. If you like to be on the safe side and in order to avoid damages towards third parties we recommend further to conclude a liability insurance. We point to the fact that for a lot of damages there exists a nonliability of the insurance company.

Extra services?

If you are for a short or for a long term not in the city we are all the time in contact with you an with the owner. We take care of all matters concerning the apartment or the house.

In case the supervision of the object is pretty complex what could be the case with old equipment (electric appliances, sanitarian complex, furniture which needs much care) then in agreement with you we have to calculate the extra service. 

Are there damaged consoles or reparations to take we agree with you on further steps. Is there a damage of small extent we get in touch with customer service before we exchange the appliances. Please note that you have to assume possible checks for these sevices.
In case of serious damages as a pipe burst or water damage we inform the insurance company.