Welcome to Acco Real!

Just arrived in Munich and looking for a nice and furnished apartment to stay? We offer furnished and not furnished apartments and houses in Munich and greater Munich. It doesn't matter whether you plan to stay for a short or for a long term in Munich - we help you to find the right place!

You can expect from us a direct and a very uncomplicated mediation. In close cooperation with our clients we develop individual solutions for different requirements. During the whole rental period we guarantee personal supervision. The compliance with consistent quality standards is the premise of our work. Customer surveys on a regular basis   are  a  part of our services. This way we are able to increase our services.

We invite you to visit our website which is daily updated! If there is an object of your interest we are pleased to anwser your requests. Please pay attention to our online registration form. If any questions occur do not hesitate to get in contact with the team of Acco Real.